Activity with our home church (Trinity Fellowship) is a major part of our lives.

Finding Trinity Fellowship was an interesting process.

Jane and Bill were attending a church that was not meeting their spiritual needs.  They began a search for what they needed, a Christ centered church.  We visited thirteen churches before finding Trinity Fellowship on Greenville Avenue in 1980.  It was a newly organized body of believers that had spun off from Believer's Chapel.  They had just moved into a new building.  The pastor was Dr. Ed Blum.

The interesting part was Bill had been attending Ed's Blum's Friday morning Bible study for about two years.  He did not know Dr. Blum was the pastor of a local church, and boy, were we surprised to see a familiar face in the pulpit.  We also met people from our past, active and former patients and felt we were home!

Jane and Bill have been active ever since.  They had a hiatus of three years when they lived in El Paso, but kept in touch.  They came to Dallas as often as they could to see their children, and visited Trinity each time.

Jane is a singer and has a wonderful solo voice.  Bill is a singer, but his voice is best found in the background.  They have sung in church choirs nearly all of their adult lives.  Unfortunately, since Jane's lung illness, she has been unable to sing solos.

Jane is a bible student and teacher.  She teaches using the Precepts method.  She has completed many Precepts studies.  She has been involved in women's ministries at Trinity Fellowship and at Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso during her three years there.

Bill's latest venture (starting in 2007) is to help maintain TFC's network and computer system.  He also helps in keeping the church web site and a sermon database with recorded sermons back to 2000.

Bill returned to the choir in the fall of 2008.  Jane returned in the spring of 2009! Praise God!!!

Neither Jane or I are still singing in our church choir.  Jane has a good excuse, I don't.   Trinity Fellowship Church web site

March 2017

Jane and I decided it was time for us to seek a new church where we will consistently receive the Gospel from the Word on Sunday mornings.  The preaching at TFC since the split 6 years ago has been by several men.  The pastor has taken to preaching to us about social and cultural events rather than the Gospel.  On March 28th we met with Ron Turner, the elder we know the best, and at Ron's suggestion we asked our long time friend Bill Crouse to attend.  We explained to Ron why were felt we needed to find a new church home.  He seemed to understand and accepted our decision.

July 2017

After visits to several churches we decided on committing our worship with Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton.  The pastor, Pete Briscoe, is one of the best expository preachers we have heard.  We attend the service that begins at 9:00 AM each Sunday.


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